Forex earn limited is an international   investment company that has been in business since 2016.
Our company is officially registered in the UK, a reputable tax haven. We are involved in a variety of offline and online business activities all over the world.

Our main areas of interest are oil, gold,  forex and stock. We offer a clear strategy: you deposit funds with us and we, in turn, allow these funds to earn interest for you. The simplicity of our offer allows even new investors the assurance that is worth trying.

Click the 'About Us' to access further information on our company and the ways in which we earn your interest.

Multiple Plans with static daily interest rates ranging from 0.55% to 1.05%.


The values that our company holds dear are shared by our employes in all parts of the world.These values define and direct the manner in which we attain our professional goals. Each individual member of our team is greatly respected and valued for the skills and knowledge that they provide to our company.